the rachelle ring

    Welcome! You have found "The Rachelle Web Ring." As you may have guessed this ring is for Rachelles! Cute huh?

    The reason I created this ring is because I was the only Rachelle I ever knew until recently. The Web has introduced me to many of them around the world, and I think we deserve our own Web Ring. . .


    This page will tell you how to join the web ring, but first let me humor you with a little info about what's it's like to be a Rachelle. The following events are told by me, but there seems to be a Rachelle consensus that this info is totally true in one way or another! : )

    It all started about the time I could talk. . .yeah. . .about the time I could talk. My mommy would introduce me to someone, and they'd say "aaahh, Michelle, what a lovely name!" And I'd say, "It's Rachelle." And they'd say, "Oh. Rochelle." And I'd say, "No. I said Rachelle. Ruuuhhh Shelllll. Rachelle." And they'd shake their head.

    Then I started school. I knew it was coming. The teacher would be almost to my name on the list. "Is Rachel present?" they'd ask. And I'd say, "it's Rachelle." And they'd say, "I'm sorry, what?" And I'd say "it's pronounced Rachelle." And they'd say, "Oh. Rochelle, except with an a," And I'd say, "No. It's Rachelle, ruuuhhh shellll." And they'd say. "Oh. okay, well then, ahemm is So and So here."

    You'd think I'd be over it by now. You know, just let it go. Be used to it. But no, rather it's become this obsession. I hate it when people get my name wrong. Hate it. And it's made me extremely careful with other people's names. I've finally decided it's a matter of respect. If people really care then they'll make an effort to get your name right, right?.

    And that's why I've created this very special web ring! Just for us Rachelles. : )

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    Rules for joining this ring are as follows:

  1. You must be named Rachelle
  2. Your name must be pronounced "ruh-shell"
  3. Your site must be about you in your Rachelleness
  4. Your site cannot contain any nudity/pornography, and profanity should be at a bear minimum, in other words, it should be "child safe"
  5. Your site must not contain any racially, or otherwise hate motivated content.
  6. You must think your homepage is really great and be completely proud of it

    Sound familiar? Do you meet these requirements?

join now!


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